1.(of a view or picture) with a wide view surrounding the observer; sweeping.
2.including all aspects of a subject; wide-ranging.

Pane’ramik flourished through the creative minds of friends who have a passion for media creation. We set out to create stunning advertising campaigns using visual storytelling supported by a unique creative medium.

What started as a vision became a reality through many hours of development. The opportunity arose when we saw a need in the Raleigh area for a strong multi-media agency. We like to call ourselves a Digital Content Collective.

Our mission during each campaign is to accelerate our clients business; focusing on unique narratives and vivid storytelling techniques. This is the foundation to business growth and development. Our media is designed to maximize profits for your business or service. We simplify the process of converting targeted traffic to sales. Our team manages and optimizes your campaign strategically, connecting you directly to your new customers.

Our Team

Nicole Lee - Relationship Manager

Nicole is the backbone to our clients. She will most likely be your first line of contact here at Pane’ramik. She works hard to understand the goals and objectives of your brand, making sure they get translated to creative gold. She studied Psychology at University of North Carolina at Wilmington and knows how to keep us sharp. Her experience has landed her in the center of negotiations with companies like Lockheed Martin and Government agencies. She is an expert at keeping morale high. Her personality and attention to detail is what keep the clients coming back for more! She doesn’t travel as much as she’d like… but she loves to sit by the beach any opportunity she can.

Blake Rea - Creative Director

Filmmaker-turned-marketing guru and now a Creative Director at Pane’ramik. Blake started making skateboard videos, at the age of 7, with his mom’s VHS Camcorder. Turning the clock forward, he has helped countless businesses grow and thrive. His most memorable projects have taken him to all corners of the globe, working with people of all cultures. His passion turned profession is developing video marketing campaigns that allow clients to focus on what they do best. After 9 years of producing videos for clients like Cisco, Formula 1 Imports and Intentions Salons, he is not even close to the end of his career. To add to his expertise, he also served 3 years in a Marketing Director role at a craft beer company. When he’s not behind our cameras you can find him on another continent or spending time with his pooch Millie! His goal for the company is to leverage his talents and ensure every customer gets a unique product they love.

Justin Summers - Creative Director

Justin is one of the creative minds behind the cameras at Pane’ramik. When he is not working on photos or videos, he is setting up audio and editing. Justin is a musician at heart and with many years dedicated to playing instruments, coordinating weddings and recording live audio, he is as knowledgeable and passionate about audio as he is with cameras. He loves to shoot landscape and lifestyle photography in his spare time and you can often find him shooting panoramic photos around Raleigh. He worked with Canon for 3 years teaching numerous live workshops and testing new camera systems. Making people laugh and smile is a daily goal of his. Justin has a unique perspective that never ceases to show in his work!