Five ways to create loyal Customers

1. Stand behind your product or service
If you’re in business, your product or service should speak for itself. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority. If you don’t have a money back guarantee or policy in place, to handle customer frustrations then, this should be a top priority to organize and implement. Don’t leave your customers hanging or else they will not be customers for long.

2. Deliver world class customer service
This goes without saying… To create loyal customers you have to deliver good customer service. Always meet your customers halfway. We all know the saying: “the customer is always right”. If you want referrals to grow your business you are going to rely on your clients to spread the word. You have to look at customer service from all perspectives. If your customers are not happy, you need to understand why and go above and beyond to fix the issues.

3. Create a follow up strategy
The key here is to follow up and stay in contact with your customers. Check back up with them weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on a need to need basis. If you have worked with your customer and understand their needs then you should determine a frequency that works best for both of you. Try writing a personal email or giving them a phone call. Not only does this show your thinking about your customers, but also that you care about their success and development.

4. Help your customers grow their business
For your business to thrive you need to help your customers first. Not only do you create a consistent follow up strategy, but you need to make sure that your customers are using your product or service to its full potential. Your product or service needs to deliver a strong ROI for your customers. After all, this will assure the prospect for repeat business!

5. Create and promote a referral program
Customers who refer you need to be rewarded. If you can plan out and implement a referral program, your customers pass your info along to like minded business owners and help you generate new business. This will also help create a customer basis that keeps coming back consistently for your product or service.

Do you have a way to create loyal customers we didn’t mention? Let us know what we left out in the comments below!

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